We help create inclusive, productive work environments

6 Degree Seminars is a business consulting and educational training firm. We are also experts on Islam and the Middle Eastern culture. We provide custom solutions and execution strategies to our clients based on a deep understanding of their objectives and an analysis of their challenges. Our expertise is comprehensive and covers management development, project management, business improvement, management consulting, adaptive leadership, cultural competency and communication.


We believe that social strength and personal enrichment exists due to the contribution of the variety of cultures, ideologies and ethnicities around the globe.
We endeavor to build lasting, honest, and close relationships with individuals and institutions by meeting their needs and expectations, respecting their feedback and delivering valuable services.
We believe that interpersonal interaction with our audiences is an effective way to overcome stereotypes and discrimination, and promote understanding and mutual respect.
We help to create an environment that supports the advancement of knowledge for the public good through the exchange of ideas, where discovery and critical thinking thrive. 6 Degree Seminars is committed to the promotion of improved work settings in the highest standard to our clients.

We promise to deliver consulting results

By telling it like it is
By proposing solutions that are functional
By executing a strategy that is well thought out
By ensuring that people understand the solutions and can buy into them
By communicating frequently so that expectations are met by doing things right

This is what makes 6 Degree Seminars easy to do business with.

Our Leadership

Leila El-Khatib (B.Sc., BBA, MA, MPA)

Executive Director

Leila El-Khatib has nearly two decades of public sector experience during which she was the recipient of two prestigious awards in the Canadian Federal Public Service. She also received awards for her service to the community and her leadership qualities from academic institutions and municipal government. Her breadth of public service experience covers various sectors such as emergency telecommunications, industrial security, national security, customs and immigration, transportation, small and medium enterprises and agriculture. Leila is an award winning consultant who is also a featured speaker on the Middle Eastern world and Islam.

She holds Bachelors in Science and Business Administration. She earned a Master of Arts Degree in Islamic studies from the Ivy League institution Columbia University in the City of New York. Leila also holds a Master in Public Administration degree from Harvard University. She currently serves as an elected Director on the Harvard Kennedy School of Government Alumni Board.

Our Services


Middle East & Islamic Training

We endeavor to build lasting, honest, and close relationships with individuals and institutions by meeting their needs and expectations, respecting their feedback and delivering valuable services.

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Management Development

Our consultants have been managers themselves and understand the importance of building the skills of managers given its criticality to the effective functioning of your work unit and organization. Management effectiveness is recognized as a determinant of organizational success. This is because of the power of a manager to impact the organization through his or her oversight of the work of other employees. Managers are the key to employee retention and the main reason employees cite when they leave their current employer.

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Management Consulting

Our consultants will create value for organizations through improved performance achieved by providing objective advice and implementing business solutions. We take organizations further than they would go on their own. It is about finding new and better ways of doing things. We have an aptitude for client handling, listening, strategic planning, business analysis and team-building.

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More than just words

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Many public and private organizations look to outside consultants to deliver a specific expertise, find innovative solutions to problems or provide extra resources for an overstretched staff. 6 Degree Seminars’ consultants will be able to help you deliver the results that you want to achieve. We believe that as consultants we are in the problem-solving business.

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